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America Works connects job seekers and employers to create productive and long lasting relationships. 

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A Better Way To Fight Recidivism
03/26/2015 - The National Review
by NR Interview



Fictional US President Frank Underwood has created a lot of problems for a real organization called America Works
03/21/2015 - Business Insider
by Jonathan Marino



The Wrong "America Works"
03/09/2015 - City Journal
by Andrew Klavan



Could House Of Cards Get In Trouble For Copyright Infringement?
03/05/2015 - Now This
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Paul Ryan's Plan: Rebooting Compassionate Conservatism
7/24/2014 - The Daily Beast
by Eleanor Clift 




Paul Ryans Budget Committee Holds Fifth Hearing On The War On Poverty
7/10/2014 - MacIver Institute
by Nick Novak




Workin at the carwash - those "dirty" immigrant jobs
7/10/2014 - New York Post
by William Mcgurn





Hiring Our Heroes: Why Veterans Make Good Employees
6/23/2014 - MSNBC - AMEX Open Forum
by JJ Ramberg




Hiring event for low-income residents held at Brooklyn Borough Hall
4/11/2014 - News 12 Brooklyn





Steps to strengthen the job market
1/24/2014 - The Hill Congressional Blog

By Peter Cove & Adam Lewis



Poverty Bailouts
1/15/2014 - Real Clear Politics

By Peter Cove



Let Fireworks Inspire Work
7/3/2013 - The Huffington Post
by Dr. Lee Bowes



Lee Bowes of America Works, on the Quest for Jobs Work
6/23/2013 - The New York Times, "The Boss"
as told to Patricia R. Olsen



Work for food stamps a proven path to combat poverty
6/20/2013 - The Miami Herald
by Peter Cove and Rep. Steve Southerland II 

Veterans need jobs: This Memorial Day weekend, pledge to help them. 

5/24/2013 - The Washington Post
Column by Petula Dvorak



Let's Trade Prison Beds for Work

5/16/2013 - Real Clear Policy
Op Ed by Peter Cove 

No Lobby for Grandma Means a Budget Throwing Grandkids Off Train
5/10/2013 - Bloomberg News 
By Laura Litvan & William Selway

The John Gambling Show
5/7/2013 - Radio Interview with Peter Cove

Dependency: Learning from the Danish Welfare Experiment
5/4/2013 - Real Clear Policy
Op Ed by Peter Cove 

The Case for Serious Employment Programs
4/25/2013 - The National Review Online
By Reihan Salam

Mutations of the Mind
4/22/2013 - The Huffington Post
Op Ed by Peter Cove

America Works for veterans seeking jobs
4/16/2013 – Washington Examiner
Op Ed by James Carafano

What America Thinks 
4/6/2013 – TV Interview with Peter Cove

Finding work for ex-felons 
4/5/2013 – KALW Radio 

The Brian Lehrer Show
3/26/2013 - Radio Interview with Peter Cove

America Works Fighting to Employ Brooklyn 
3/14/2013 – 

Work, Two Popes and Freud 
2/28/2013 – The Huffington Post
Op Ed by Peter Cove 

The John Gambling Show
2/25/2013 - Radio Interview with Peter Cove

America Works finds jobs despite the odds 
2/23/2013 – Queens Times Ledger

Work: The Only Answer to Poverty 
2/11/2013 – New York Daily News
Op Ed by Peter Cove 

We're Facing a Moral Cliff
12/20/2012 - Real Clear Policy
Op Ed by Peter Cove

What I Learned in the Poverty War
Fall 2012 - City Journal
Op Ed by Peter Cove

Welfare: Work First Still Works Best
8/20/2012 - NY Post
Op Ed By Lee Bowes & Lawrence Mone

He got America Working; Now it's Britain's Turn
The man who has helped 200,000 hard cases find jobs says David Cameron's drive to cut welfare dependency need to get much tougher.

States Help Ex-Inmates Find Jobs
Faced with yawning budget gaps and high unemployment, California, Michigan, New Yorkand several other states are attacking both problems with a surprising strategy: helping ex-convicts find jobs to keep them from ending up back in prison.

Here's a job program that works, Governor
Gov. Andrew Cuomo faces a statewide unemployment rate of more than 8 percent and a budget shortfall for the current fiscal year estimated to be as high as $10.5 billion. If the governor is looking to cut costs, he can turn to most of the state's welfare to work and job training programs.

How to fix the District's welfare mess
One of the most important issues to face the new mayor of the District of Columbia is Welfare Reform.

Moynihan: The Moment Lost
December 2010
From Commentary Magazine

Election Road Trip Day 1: The Opacity Of The Process
Day 1 of Time Magazine's Joe Kleins Election 2010 Road Trip

Send Veterans To Re-Boot Camps: Help Soldiers In The Painful Transition Back To Civilian Life
Just as they go to boot camp on the way in, American servicemen and women need re-boot camp on their way out of the service.

City unveils plan to help offenders reverse course
High Point leaders on Tuesday unveiled a plan to help steer former violent offenders away from criminal lifestyles. Under the city’s partnership with America Works –a New York-based company that helps find work for people with criminal records and other hard-to-serve job-seekers – a hand-picked group of chronic ex-offenders will get job readiness training, job placement and monitoring services to make sure they stay in meaningful, full-time employment.

Editorial: Jobs can avert return to prison
High Point's initiative to find work for ex-offenders is as much about reducing crime as it is jobs.

New Program Aims To Help Ex-Offenders Find Jobs
High Point Police and the High Point Community Against Violence came together Wednesday to announce a new partnership with the group America Works to help ex-offenders find jobs. Police Chief Jim Fealy says more often than not, inmates go right back to a life of crime after their release.

NYC TV: Job Hunt
They led platoons in Iraq, but now that they're back home, how does military service translate into job experience? How does someone with a non-traditional work history convince an employer of their worth? We've got advice and answers right here on Job Hunt.

New Program Aims To Help Reduce High Point Violent Crime Rate
High Point added another piece to its crime reduction strategy Tuesday as it unveiled a plan to help violent criminals find jobs — with the hope that meaningful employment will keep many of them from going back to prison. The city and High Point Community Against Violence have contracted with the employment company, America Works, to help violent offenders find and keep jobs

From The Joint To A Job
High Point is expected to announce a plan Tuesday to help former violent criminals get meaningful employment in the community with the hope it will reduce recidivism. A news conference at 1:30 p.m. in the Plato S. Wilson School of Commerce at High Point University will outline the plan between the High Point Community Against Violence and High Point police department and America Works. The company, based in New York City, has programs across the country that assist people in finding full-time meaningful employment. America Works helps everyone from U.S. military veterans to HIV/AIDS patients to criminal offenders. Researchers form Columbia University conducted a first-year evaluation of the company's Project eX program in New York in 2002. Here's a summary of results: This report presents a model for addressing the challenge of how to reintegrate released inmates of the prison system into mainstream society. The authors find that the welfare-to-work approach used by America Works is effective in finding employment for these ex-offenders and reducing recidivism, all at a significant savings to the taxpayer. The study finds that in New York, America Works placed more than three quarters of those who completed the initial orientation process in jobs, and more than 4 in 10 are still in that same job six months later. Based on the current recidivism rates, almost a third of those people would normally already have been back in prison. And America Works, the study shows, is achieving this success at a cost more than 30% lower than what New York State would otherwise spend on incarceration. The America Works Web site lists programs in Albany, Baltimore, Newark, New York, Oakland, but none in the South. The results seem positive for those areas. Let's see if America Works will actually work for High Point.

City Overhauls Ex-Offender Program
Mayor Michael A. Nutter today announced changes to the City’s re-entry program for ex-offenders which include changes in the program’s name, mission and location

Hire Me! Former Marine Now Homeless After Being Laid Off As Building Superintendent
Andre Davis has seen better times. He traveled around the globe as a member of the Marine Corps and also worked at an East Harlem apartment building as the superintendent. But when Davis lost that job in January 2008, he lost the apartment that came with it, too. His safety net soon collapsed, and Davis now lives in a homeless shelter in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Where Are The Jobs?
Peter Cove on ABC 7 evening news (NYC).

The Colbert Report: Job Man Caravan Featuring Mr. Peter Cove
Watch Peter Cove on The Colbert Report!

High Point City Council approves America Works Project
High Point City Council approved funding and a contract for a program that will help convicted felons get back to work. The America Works Project will cost taxpayers $45,000 and help 33 ex-offenders.

Soldier to civilian: a rocky transition 
The country honors its veterans each year on Nov. 11, but many ex-military personnel feel they’re not getting the support they need to transition smoothly back into civilian life, particularly when it comes to finding jobs.

Before Unraveling Welfare Reform, Appreciate Why It Worked
Our economic tsunami could drown the historic reforms made in welfare over the past 13 years. We must not let that happen.








  • I remember when I was a member of America Works, the reps really helped me through rough times and helped me find employment, really nice people. 

    Former Client

  • At two of our most precious vending locations, Citi Field, Home to the New York Mets, and Yankee Stadium, year after year America Works handles all of our staffing needs.

  • America Works was one of the leading organizations that worked on the 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, moving national welfare programs from subsistence to back to work programs.

    Newt Gingrich
    U.S. Congress, Speaker of the House
  • America Works played a huge role in keeping my job, without the constant follow up, I may have left. 

    Former Client

  • Our partnership with America Works has also reduced staff turnover.

    Five Guys Burgers and Fries
  • There was some controversy about the idea that it was for profit, I thought it was a very good idea. It seems probably to be the key ingredient that would make it more accountable.

    Rudy Giuliani
    New York City Mayor
  • I was in doubt that America Works was truly going to be able to help me, but I am happy they proved me wrong. Now I know that if I were to ever lose my position I will be able to use my skills to get back on my feet. 

    Former Client

  • America Works is the number one vendor for employment needs based on the quality of their screening process.

    Century 21 Department Stores
  • America Works provides excellent employment placement and retention services to our veterans.

    Danny K. Davis
    U.S. Congress, Illinois

  • I am extremely grateful to the America Works staff for assisting me with interview preparation, helping me with my communication skills, and their continued support throughout my employment.

    Former Client
  • America Works has an impressive track record of success in placing individuals into entry level positions with on the job training that gives them a grounding in their chosen career field.

    Allied Barton
  • Oakland has a very high number of residents returning from prison weekly and it is essential that we get them into a productive lifestyle quickly upon return. America Works has met that challenge.

    NancyJ. Nadel
    Oakland City Council Member

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