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America Works of New York Hires a New Director of Veterans Programs

This week, America Works of New York announced that Edward Douglas, a 26 year veteran of the US Navy and the Navy Reserves, has taken the helm as Director of Veterans Programs. Douglas is a Navy Chief who has been deployed to five locations around the globe with the Navy since 9/11, will be responsible for America Works of New York's extensive initiative to find jobs for our veterans.

Welcome aboard Eddie!

Read the full press release here

America Works' CEO Profiled in the New York Times Sunday Business Section

On June 22, 2013, America Works' CEO, Dr. Lee Bowes, was proudly featured in the New York Times Sunday business section's extremely popular column, "The Boss".

In the profile, Dr. Bowes writes about her very artistic and musical upbringing in Boston, her education - both in and out of the classroom - and the lessons she learned along the way to becoming CEO of a major welfare-to-work company. 

Read the full article here

Ann Marie - Looking Towards the Future

After losing her job as a nanny – and no longer able to pay her rent, Ann Marie was evicted from her apartment. Within a few months, she had no other choice but to move into a shelter in Jamaica, Queens with two of her children and applied for public assistance. At her a job fair in her shelter, she met with an America Works representative, who referred her to the “Back 2 Work” program.

Immediately, Ann Marie began working with her America Works corporate representative on her resume and interview skills. She was quickly sent on an interview with a human services company. After a few follow-up interviews, she was quickly hired and began working with the company in a direct care worker position.

Newly employed, Ann Marie qualified for a housing voucher, which would pay $1150 per month, while she paid only $50. Happily, she moved out of the shelter and into an apartment of her own in Queens.

As Ann Marie continued to progress on her road to self-sufficiency, she went to an informational session led by a former Commissioner of New York City’s Department of Homeless Services. It was there that she learned about the St. John’s Advantage Academy, which offered the chance to earn an associate’s degree in business to homeless and formerly homeless individuals in New York City. She started St. John’s, and still attends full-time Monday through Friday working towards a degree in business administration.

Ann Marie maintains a 3.44 Grade Point Average. All the while, she continues at her job on Saturdays and Sundays, working 12 – and sometimes 18 hour – shifts. At school, Ann Marie discovered a love of math and is now planning to continue with school and earn a master’s degree in accounting.

Ann Marie remains grateful and reflective about her experience with America Works. As she recalled this difficult time in her life, she is proud to be in a completely different place. She remains hopeful and eagerly awaits the enormous opportunities the future holds.

Juanita’s Big Heart Got Her Into Trouble

Juanita recently called her America Works corporate representative just to say thanks.

She was thankful for everyone at America Works for all of the great things that have happened in her life over the past six months.

Juanita has a big heart. It’s so big, in fact, that it got her into a precarious position in her life.

When she was blessed with a grandson, Juanita found herself spending more and more on gifts for him. She spent so much that, after a while, she found herself in a large amount of debt She eventually applied for public assistance and wound up living in a shelter.

Through America Works, Juanita was able to find employment as a phlebotomist. She found a small apartment and – after only two months on the job – was able to pay rent on her own.

“I thank God every day and say a prayer for everyone who assisted me when I was there, and when I started working,” said Juanita.

“You really are a blessing in disguise.”

Juanita believes that America Works is a great program, and that the people who succeed are those who truly want to work.

She promised to visit and – of course – to spread the word about how far she came with the assistance she received from America Works.

America Works of Washington, D.C. is Getting D.C. Residents Back to Work


Washington, D.C. – America Works of Washington, D.C. (AWDC) announced its open house to welcome elected officials, private sector employers, and the community-at-large at their facility located at 1720 I St. NW, near the White House.

The open house will be held on April 17, 2013, 4:00pm, and will allow community partners and the general public to see how AWDC is getting underserved and underemployed people back into the workforce, using the rapid attachment to work model. AWDC serves referrals from the District of Columbia Department of Human Services, homeless Veterans, those in substance abuse recovery, and those receiving Social Security Disability benefits. Since its inception in 2010, America Works of Washington, D.C. has placed over 500 District residents into employment.

Founded in 1984, America Works (AW) provides intensive and personalized employment services for hard-to-place populations including Veterans, the homeless, formerly incarcerated individuals, welfare and food stamp recipients, and those receiving Social Security Disability benefits. AW currently has a network of 12 offices nationwide. Since 1984, America Works and its network of companies have put more than 300,000 people back to work.

“America Works believes that placing our brave men and women who served our country is a priority,” said Dr. Lee Bowes, Chief Executive Officer of America Works. “We are thrilled to partner with the United States Department of Labor as well as partners like the Department of Human Services to get people back to work. This office is able to service District residents right in their own backyard.”

“How we treat our Veterans when they come home is just as important as how we get them ready for combat,” said Peter Cove, Founder of America Works. “With this downtown office, we are in a location that allows us to continue building upon relationships with employers and clients to put District residents back to work.”

The opening has a planned attendance of over 200 individuals from government entities, community support organizations, private sector employers, and current participants. Dr. Bowes and Mr. Cove will recognize the achievements of participants who have overcome a myriad of barriers and met the goals of the program and are moving into self-sufficiency and independence from government programs. Dr. Bowes and Mr. Cove will also recognize private sector employers who have partnered with America Works of Washington, D.C. in filling their staffing needs.

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