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Here you will find helpful information about our programs as well as tools to help your job search. 

Your Success at America Works

Most of our clients are placed in jobs within the first four weeks of enrollment.

After you get a job, you will receive support from our staff. They will help you stay on track and resolve any problems you have at your workplace.

We also help you train to move up at your workplace, whether it is in work training, educational training or certifications. Using this method we have been able to get clients working in entry level positions and climb the ranks all the way up to management. 

We have helped clients gain employment in numerous well known companies in many fields.


With your effort and our support, your time with America Works can be life-changing. Just take a look at some of the lives we have changed below.

Joyce's Story

When Joyce applied for public assistance, she specifically asked to be placed with America Works because she heard the services were outstanding. At the time, she was living in a shelter and desperately wanted to get back on her feet. She met with the sales staff regularly and conducted her own job searches in the America Works computer lab. She eventually obtained an interview with a non-profit in New Mexico. After getting the job, Joyce worked with the America Works staff in order to set up a way to get her retention services, and she received all of her bonus checks for her continued work.  

Jason's Story

Jason came to America works in 2010, concerned about his employability. In the past, Jason was convicted of ‘Possession and Intent to Distribute,’ and he knew finding employment would be difficult. Through the combined effort of our corporate representatives and sales representatives, America Works was able to coach Jason through mock interviews and help him obtain employment within weeks. Even Jason was shocked by the help of America Works, “With the job market fluctuating, and my prior criminal convictions, someone like me feels like they are the last person to be anyone’s priority, but America Works was different.” 

Jame's Story

After spending five years in the prison system, James had known only the life that had landed him behind bars. Even though James had struggled with honest work in the past, America Works was able to work with James to obtain him gainful employment at a fish market. After just three months on the job, James’ boss asked him to bring more men like him to be interviewed. James credits America Works for his success saying, being “punctual, professional and calm under pressure were skills that America Works helped me learn. If it wasn’t for America Works…I don’t know where I would be.” 

Caroline's Story

Caroline had the choice of opting out of her America Works placement because she was undergoing an outpatient drug rehabilitation program. She heard from other participants how they were thrilled with their experiences with America Works and decided to go in addition to the rehabilitation. What she really wanted was to be reunited with her five children. After receiving assistance in creating her resume and getting a clothing referral, Caroline got a job as a cashier. Seven long months later, still working, she completed her rehabilitation course and was reunited with her children. She returned to her corporate representative to tell her that, “America Works saved my life, you saved my family.”

Caleb's Story

Caleb grew up in a rough public housing project. In an effort to escape, he enlisted in the United States Army. After returning, Caleb was deemed partly disabled by constant gunfire and roadside bombs. Caleb attempted to get his life on track but eventually found himself checking into the local city’s homeless shelter. After being referred to America Works, Caleb worked on his interviewing skills and building his resume. Once he was ready to meet with sales representatives, he quickly found a job which offered health benefits. After some time, Caleb was able to afford his own apartment and his life is finally stable. 

Ana's Story

Ana moved to America with her husband and 8 month old daughter. Within weeks her husband began to physically and verbally abuse her. After seeking help at the local domestic violence shelter, she was referred to America Works by the local government. Having had no prior work experience and knowing little English, Ana felt unprepared for work. The bilingual staff at America Works made the transition possible, by readying her for interviews and completing a resume. Additionally, America Works connected Ana to local support services. After completing a three week training course to become a Home Health Aide, the sales staff was able to help Ana gain employment with Americare. 

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