We have placed jobseekers in a wide variety of positions and we are confident that with your effort and our help and guidance, you can achieve success. We do our best to match your career goals and work history to the right opportunity for you.



Most job seekers at America Works are working again within four weeks. After you start working we help with the transition by providing you with support to help you stay on track including reminders, problem solving, and a variety of other services. Depending on your career choices, we provide training opportunities that will help accelerate your growth in your chosen field. Your time with America Works can be life-changing, take a look at some examples:

Khadijah had not worked in over 10 years, had been living in a shelter, and was dealing with symptoms of depression, deepened by the loss of her father. Working closely with the trainers at America Works, Khadijah was exposed to many industries. Finally settling on security guard training, she completed the course and was Immediately hired by a partner of America Works. Khadijah came into the office with happy tears in her eyes once she realized that she would finally be back working after a long absence away from the workforce. “It was all thanks to you guys, you gave me hope…and for that I’m extremely grateful!”

Valerie was receiving disability from Social Security and wanted desperately to improve her situation. When Valerie started with America Works, she was nearly homeless and had very little relationship with her daughter. It took some adjusting, but after starting her second job she was on her path to stability and independence. She has now been working for over six years. During that time, America Works helped her find a stable apartment and Valerie has been able to rebuild her relationship with her daughter. Valerie credits America Works with turning her life around and continues to share her accomplishments.

Nehemiah came to America Works reluctantly. A father who was struggling, Nehemiah found himself needing to apply for public assistance. After weeks struggling to engage with him, his representative was finally able to break through when he helped Nehemiah obtain a temporary position. When the temporary position ended, Nehemiah obtained a full-time position through a referral from America Works paying over $35,000. Afterwards, he shared his appreciation, “I want to thank you all for your support over the course of this job search journey…Your support, compassion, empathy, advice and suggestions allowed me to stay focused … Many, many thanks and gratitude.”

Akeem was laid off from a Digital Marketing Coordinator position and began searching for something that would fulfill him and be relevant to his qualifications. However, after some difficult circumstances with family issues at home, he realized he needed additional help. Akeem was referred to America Works where his representative used all their available resources to assist him. Akeem later stated, “The training here was on a different level. The people here…genuinely want to help.” Akeem was referred to an interview by America Works and he accepted the position as a Web Designer for $50,000 per year plus benefits.

Having been involved with the criminal justice system, being out of work was proving difficult for Larrell. He was discouraged and unsure. After being laid off and struggling to find employment, he came to America Works. Larrell’s representative took his history, skills, and experience into account and compiled a list of opportunities for him. They discussed the pros and cons of each one and developed a plan for utilizing America Works resources to look for employment. Larrell obtained a position as a dishwasher/porter and is enjoying being productive again. He continues to pursue his dream of opening his own landscaping company.

Tony came to America Works looking to get his life back on track. After serving multiple sentences in prison, he was determined to change his course. Moving in with his uncle after his release, he applied sought help with America Works. At first, he struggled with program expectations, but after a long conversation with his representative, he was referred to an opportunity that would become his first job after prison. In recognition of his work ethic and positive attitude, he was made a permanent employee. Tony recently bought his first home, and is looking to buy his first new car.



We help with both hard and soft skills that employers are looking for like communication skills, customer service, computer literacy and much more. These skills will provide you an edge against competition.


As soon as you are ready, we begin matching your career goals and work history to available opportunities, using our connections to get you right to the interview stage.


Once you get your foot in the door, we help you through transition providing support services and helping you get back into a positive routine.


After you settle in at work, we provide a variety of training and certification opportunities that can help you advance within your company, or move on to a different opportunity.