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Partnering with America Works

America Works will help improve the lives of your constituents. 

Our Philosophy

America Works has been successful wherever it has been established. We attribute this success to our three underlying philosophies, the Work First theory, networking, and being a for-profit company. 

The Work First Theory

America Works believes that work should be the central focus in social policy. This is why we work to place clients into jobs rapidly. Gaining employment is the surest path to independence because work socializes and integrates those who are disadvantaged. Once working, America Works provides its clients with support, including transportation, mental health services and much more. The client’s success in the workplace will make them more successful in the classroom, leading them to a better and independent life. 


Most individuals enter the workforce through networks that they have built over time. Unfortunately for many of our clients, they do not have very strong networks. Our sales staff helps fill this void by providing them with connections to employers and building relationships with our clients to know where they will fit best.

Performance Based Outcomes

America Works engages in performance based contracts. We operate in a way that focuses on successful outcomes for our clients, which in turn makes America Works successful. Our number one goal in our contracts is retention rate for those who have gained employment. According to NYC HRA-Office of Data Reporting and Analysis, we have consistently ranked first in the 180 day retention rate category out of all NYC vendors.

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