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America Works will help improve the lives of your constituents. 

Our Results

America Works succeeds by helping each candidate succeed. It is the only 100% performance-based organization of its kind. Rather than spending taxpayer dollars on education and training programs, which produce limited results, it saves taxpayers by moving candidates from government programs into private-sector employment. That's one reason it's popular with policymakers as well as politicians on both sides of the aisle.

Here's a summary of the cost savings that result when America Works is hired.



Governments get what they pay for: Outcomes, not process. Contracting agencies incur no expenses until America Works places a candidate into a job - and that candidate remains employed for a predetermined period, typically 90-180 days. Only then is America Works paid in full. The New York State Department of Labor determined that 88% of the people placed by America Works remain off the welfare rolls three years later.



Calculated conservatively, welfare payments for a family of three cost an average of $15,000 every year. The average family remains on welfare for 10 years for a total lifetime cost for each family of $150,000. In contrast, the one-time fee charged by America Works is a genuine bargain. This is particularly true when America Works' extraordinarily high retention rates and performance-based contract terms are factored in.


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Below are some statistics and comments from studies and our own records.


America Works of New York, Inc. has always met, or exceeded its placement goals.

– HRA & DHS Evaluation


Of all clients served by America Works of Maryland, 74% have remained off welfare.

– Columbia University Evaluation


The “work first” approach produced “substantial gains in employment and reductions in welfare receipt during the first year,” gains that were sustained with the program.

– Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation Study


The average welfare family would cost the taxpayers $250,000 over ten years. It costs about $5,000 and two months for America Works to make those families self-sufficient.

America Works gives out 3,500 metro cards a month, to help our clients get to work.

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