Together we can promote self-sufficiency and independence in your community.

America Works has been successful in finding employment for over 300,000 hard-to-place clients since its inception. We have partnered with numerous local and federal municipal organizations to provide employment services throughout the country. America Works is able to adjust its services to fit within the parameters of each location and maintain its successful Work-First approach.

According to New York City’s Office of Data Reporting and Analysis, America Works of New York, Inc. has consistently ranked first in long term job placement among all city employment services contractors. We want to partner with you to bring our successful approach to your constituents.

Partnering with America Works

The Job Readiness Program lasts 2-4 weeks and focuses on what we call ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills, which employers are looking for. These include good communication, getting along with others, having a positive attitude, interview skills and much more. This will give our participants the edge against outside competition when they apply and interview for jobs. edge against outside competition when you apply for jobs.
Once a participant starts working, America Works continues to support them. We have case managers and mentors follow up with participants to ensure that they are getting to work on time daily, to help them resolve any problems they may have at work, and to help them work with the other social services that they may be receiving.
As soon as we think a participant is ready, we send them on job interviews. Our sales representatives have built relationships with employers so that we know where each participant will fit in best, and we match them with these specific jobs.
Most of the jobs that our participants obtain have room for growth. We work with our participants to ensure that they are taking advantage of every opportunity that is given to them. These include work training programs, taking a GED class, other community based job training classes, college level classes and/or any other program available to them. The goal is to help the participants become a stable independent person for the long run. Once they have seen themselves succeed in the workplace, they are more likely to succeed learning new skills and advancing in their field.

Why work with us?

  • America Works specializes in Workforce Solutions. We focus solely on getting people back to work and overcoming any barriers that they may have.
  • America Works has the experience to know what works best. Our leaders have been involved in Workforce Solutions since the 1960’s and America Works has been operating with this sole focus since 1984.
  • America Works’ staff is passionate about improving the lives of intdividuals and families who are in need.
  • America Works can rapidly establish new locations. We have established offices within months, and can quickly do the same with you.
  • America Works gets results. We consistantly rank as one of the top service providers in virtually all of our locations.
  • America Works is flexible. Our company is able to adapt to local variations in workforce solutions and still provide the same excellent results.