Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, our staff will be available to assist you virtually during regular business hours .  Please CLICK HERE for our contact info

Virtual Contact Info

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6th Street Office

For San Francisco Services and Ticket to Work: Call 415-552-9676 or email kscotnicki@americaworks.com

Fresno Office

Los Angeles Office

Our office main number has been set to call forwarding so please call us at 424-270-9640

District of Columbia

Washington D.C. Office


Chicago Office

Our main office line: 312-726-5627 Our office line is hooked up to our Unite Apps on our cell phones. So even if you press a number for a specific program, you will still reach us. 


  • Alissa Rygel - 301 
  • Kattie Burroughs - 302 
  • Lydia Calder - 303 
  • Christine Porter - 304 
  • Courtney Anthony - 305 
  • Jeremy Miller - 307


New Orleans Office

  • Please call our office at number 504-299-3463
  • You can also call or text (504) 383-4247
  • Email at smorgan@americaworks.com 
  • You can also contact AWLA by text at the Twilio number


Baltimore Office

America Works of Maryland in Prince George's County

  • If you are part of the Non-Custodial Parent Employment Program (NPEP) please reach out to Ezell Lundy at elundy@americaworks.com

    America Works of Maryland in Howard County


    Boston Office

    • Clients can call our Director at 802-856-8060
    • They can Text: 1-802-230-1371
    • or call our main number at (857) 452-1730 Missouri


    Missouri Office

    • Our site has set up call forwarding so call us at (314) 492-5430 and we will assist


    Omaha Office

    Contact: 402-934-2540

    New Jersey

    Burlington County Office

    • Our site has set up call forwarding so call us at 856-780-5541 and we will assist o Atlantic City

    New York


    Bronx Office - Lafayette Avenue

    Please contact below:

    • Iolette Brown, Site Director - (917) 801-4668, Ext. 136 
    • Melissa Blaize, Career Compass Program Manager - (917) 801-4668, Ext. 109 
    • Danielle Schneider, Youth Pathways, Program Manager - (917) 801-4668, Ext. 122


    Brooklyn Office - 44 Court Street

    • Please feel free to email or text your specific case management staff or just contact our main office at 718-797-5627.


    45th Street -Headquarters Office

    • We have call forwarding in place. Please contact us at 212-599-5627.

    5th Avenue Office

    • Feel free to call us or email us with the contacts below -  212-947-5627.
      • Crystal Mieux x 200 (front desk) 
      • Chenequa Snell x 178 
      • Miguel Rosario x 192 
      • Sherif Rizk x 216 
      • Chloe Rajs x 197 
      • Jonathan Periera x 194 
      • Dan Nanjira x 101 
      • Paul Mullings x 221 
      • Daphney Kelly-Edwards x 220 
      • Jasmine Whitehorn x 114


    Far Rockaway Office

    • Our site has set up call forwarding so call us at 718-673-6700 and we will assist.

    Jamaica Office

    • Our site has set up call forwarding so call us at 718-206-9675 and we will assist.

    Staten Island

    Staten Island Office


    Philadelphia Office

    • Our site has set up call forwarding so call us at (215) 774-3001 and we will assist


    Memphis Office

    Nashville Office

    • Email: lbuster@americaworks.com 
    • Text: 615-235-6274 (Twilio) 
    • Text: 615-913-4908 (Mozeo) 
    • Phone: 615-712-7001 
    • Always available to schedule Zoom virtual meetings!


    Brattleboro Office

    • Please call our main number at 802-490-2292
    • Or Squeak Stone at 802-856-8060
    • You Can also text 802-230-1371


    Milwaukee Office

    • Our site has set up call forwarding so call us at 262-290-2299 and we will assist